Beat Head drums

Solid wood for solid sound

Beat Head Drums for sale.

If you are a customer in Sweden and are interested  in purchasing any of the drums shown please contact

Customers out side of Sweden please don`t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or questions regarding BHD drums. Please mail me if possible.  ...  As I often work with hearing protection in work shop.     


Road King 13" 6.5" 

Keller Maple shell with Oak Bearing edges/with solid Australian Jara inlay top and bottom...simple responsive & clean sounding drum.  

4880 SEK

Exotic wood 14"x6.5"

New Zealand Heart Rimu with Mahogany Bearing edges.

Very warm sounding drum  a great studio snare, would work well

with most types of music...where you want a warm tone with depth. you will not find another snare drum made with this type of solid NZ exotic wood in  Europe

This snare can be seen at at

there shop in Stockholm, Haninge.

6795 SEK 

Please contact 

Exotic wood 14"x6" 

Made of Bubinga with Oak bearing edges,

Great attack with good depth a perfect Rock drum

when you want to cut through the music.

This snare is on show at so if you would like 

to check it out get down to there  shop in Stockholm ,Haninge .

 7995 SEK

Signature series 14"x 6"

Shell is made of Mahogany with Birch inlay, this gives snare nice attack,then tone is rounded of with the warmth of Mahogany.

Again this snare is perfect all round drum for studio work

or live situations. 

 6795 SEK  Sold.

Exotic wood series 14"x 6"

Australian Jarrah with Birch inlay, and Birch bearing edges.

Hardness of Jarrah comes through with a nice bright tone.

The choice of drum heads on this drum will make the

difference and give snare a wide tuning range good for all 

styles of music. 

7460 SEK